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Tumpá Duo

Duo (Tumpá)

In the current musical landscape, percussion is taking an increasingly central role in sound creation and innovation. This article aims to analyze the 'Percussive Connections' meeting, a significantly relevant event held by Proyatê Management and Cultural Production, approved in the Ibermúsicas 2022 call and supported by Funarte.

This event brought to light pertinent and necessary discussions about the evolution of percussion over the last decade.

The 'Percussive Connections' project was divided into a series of meetings, each focusing on a specific topic and all available on Proyatê's YouTube channel.

The first meeting, '(Re)Construction: Changes in the percussive and musical scene from 2020' (watch here), moderated by Leonardo Caire with the participation of Lucas Andrade, discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on creativity and how music is produced and shared. This debate highlighted how the music sector adapted to altered circumstances and how new ways of musical creation emerged from this context.

The second meeting, 'Percussion for All: female presence, PCD, and LGBTIQ+ in current percussion' (watch here), led to a rich discussion about inclusion and diversity in the field of percussion. Guests Keeshea Britton, Renato Magno, Washington Oliveira, and Jacqueline Dourado addressed crucial issues such as feminism, inclusion of people with disabilities, and LGBTQI+ representation in percussion. Particularly relevant was the contribution of Keeshea Britton, a percussionist from Panama, who brought an important intercultural connection and highlighted the role of percussion as a universal musical language.

Finally, the last meeting focused on 'Auditions and Performance: study and interpretation tips' (watch here), with the timpanist of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Fernanda Kremer, and Leonardo Caire discussing the topic. This meeting provided a practical guide for musicians seeking to improve their skills and stand out in their performances.

'Percussive Connections', an initiative by Proyatê Management and Cultural Production with support from Ibermúsicas and Funarte, proved to be an important initiative, highlighting the role of percussion as a constantly evolving field and a space for deep discussions on diversity, innovation, and transformation.

Through addressing these crucial themes, the meeting played a crucial role in carving a path for percussion in the 21st century, encouraging a more inclusive and innovative musical landscape.

Tumpá Duo
These meetings not only generated valuable discussions but also demonstrated the vital role of percussion as a space for the expression of multiple voices and experiences. As we move towards an increasingly diverse and innovative musical future, 'Percussive Connections' will serve as an inspiring reference and a testament to the resilience of the musical community.
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