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Proyatê was created with the fundamental objective of enabling cultural projects, promoting, developing, and managing initiatives and experiences in the Creative Economy. In particular, we dedicate ourselves to the Creative Industries, encompassing fields such as music, cinema, theater, fine arts, handicrafts, technology and research, among others.

Our company highlights its commitment to investing in and prioritizing projects with a sociocultural counterbalance, which encompass initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality, and democratization. Since its inception, Proyatê has established more than a hundred partnerships in different aspects of the cultural sector, including participation in municipal, state, and federal funding notices, as well as international mechanisms in Latin America and Europe.

We aim to be a reference in the production and management of art and culture in Brazil and abroad. Proyatê values recognition as an organization that actively contributes to the promotion of Culture(s), Arts, and Artists.

Our Mission

To promote the creation, production, and dissemination of culture, in its various aspects, collaborating with creative agents, culture makers, artists, collectives, and groups to conceive and carry out projects in a dedicated and inspiring way. We are a team that drives cultural transformation, with partnerships, professionalism, and innovation, without borders.

Our Vision

Proyatê personifies creativity, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. As we interact with a diverse range of partners, our image seeks to balance professionalism with accessibility: solid experience combined with palpable enthusiasm. We passionately believe in the proposals we develop, whether for their social contribution or for revitalizing a sector that globally sustains professionals, positively impacting the cultural and social landscape.

Our Values

Social Transformation and Innovation

Proyatê values art as an agent of social change and seeks to drive this transformation through innovative approaches.

Professionalism and Determination

Commitment to high professional standards and the willingness to overcome challenges are fundamental to Proyatê.

Aligned Partnerships

The producer values partnerships with individuals and organizations that share its purposes and values.

Plurality and Quality

Diversity is valued, and Proyatê strives to execute proposals and actions with high quality in its various forms of artistic expression.

Our Team

lucas andrade

Lucas Andrade

Executive Leadership (Co-founder)

Born in Anápolis (GO), graduated in Music from the Federal Institute of Goiás (IFG/Campus Goiânia), specialist...

Leonardo Caire

Leonardo Caire

Artistic Direction (Co-founder)

Son of visual artists, he has been in contact with music and the arts from a very young age...

Juliano Gomez

Juliano Gomez

Cultural Producer (Audiovisual)

Artist, audiovisual producer, and photographer, currently studying Film and Audiovisual at the State University of Goiás...

Wesley Neres

Wesley Neres

Designer / Copywriter / Creative Agent

Wesley Neres is a Show Director recognized in the cultural scene of Goiás for versatility and creativity in...

Elisa Moreira

Elisa Moreira

Inclusive Actions and Accessibility

Elisa Moreira Ferreira, born in Goiânia, Goiás, graduated in Pedagogy from the Federal University of Goiás...

Andréa Caetano

Andréa Caetano

Cultural Producer (Handicraft)

Andréa Caetano da Silva Soares is 36 years old and hails from Goiânia, Goiás. She graduated in Architecture...

Anielly Taveira

Anielly Taveira

Digital Media Management

Anielly Taveira is a communication performance professional, specialized in branding and social media. She is...

Lorrana Flores

Lorrana Flores

Cultural Producer (Theater)

Studied theater at the Gustav Ritter Institute, holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and has a postgraduate degree in Writing...

Yanke Amorim

Yanke Amorim

Photographer / Videomaker

Yanke Amorim is an artist, visual researcher, videomaker, photographer, production director, and visual arts teacher...

Letícia Antunes

Letícia Antunes

Cultural Producer (Music)

Leticia Antunes is a Master's student in Musical Creation Processes at the University of São Paulo – USP...

luciana fraga

Luciana Fraga

Artistic Producer / Executive

Luciana Fraga de Oliveira is a cultural producer in Goiânia, Goiás. She has been involved in projects and...